Product Review: Amusant Sparkling Wine

I’m going to start doing product reviews on my blog in addition to my witty and insightful book reviews (please, please add in the note of sarcasm when reading that sentence).

Why? It’s fun and I like doing them.

So. In honor of Easter I purchased this lovely bottle of sweet bubbly wine from TJs. I had made a fancy mushroom-and-green-onion quiche and thought a little bubbly might be nice with it. Also, I *love* this bottle and was looking for an excuse to try this. It also comes in pink, which I really want to try next.

It’s yummy. It’s quite sweet and very bubbly. Probably a little too sweet for some folks’ taste. I am not a wine critic so that’s about as in-depth as you’re going to get from me, although I *will* say that I may have detected a floral note in there somewhere. Sweet, bubbly, fresh, definitely a dessert type wine. Not for those who like their sparkling wines dry.

What I did really like was when I was about halfway done with my glass, I refilled it with sparkling water. That was actually even better than the straight wine. It cut the sweetness and was very drinkable but still bubbly and special. I still have, oh, 3/4 of the bottle so I will be drinking the rest of it this week, cut with sparkling water. It’s a week-long celebration! As my friend Shea says, why NOT have sparkling wine every night?