…wait, you mean I didn’t show you these?

Erin and I made these when she came to visit in March. She got the idea from someone sitting on the plane next to her, and thought, “We could totally do that.” So we totally did that! They turned out so great.

But… what are they?

Super-duper awesome Kindle covers, of course!

I have the smallest Kindle, and was happy to find this cute little book to house it.

We thrifted the books, took out the pages, lined it with felt, did some magic with hot glue and elastic, and voila! Kindle covers! I love mine.

Erin’s is cute too — she has the Kindle Touch, and she also just happens to have a print of this painting in her house; how perfect is that?! Hers started out as a blank journal.

I also made one for my friend I travelled to Holland with; she has a Kindle Fire, and I found this pretty book with a blue fabric cover, and drew an illustration on the front. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it. Dangit!

These were not exactly quick to make, but they weren’t difficult once we figured out what needed to happen. Seem to be holding up pretty well. I’m very pleased with mine; fits in my purse so well and looks cute.

It sort of makes having a Kindle okay with me. Well, sort of. I still cringe, although I admit that I kind of love mine. (whispers)