Life List

This is harder than I expected. I made it to 20. Will try to add. Would be nice to get 100 things to try and do someday. (2012)
  1. Go to Greece
  2. Go to British Isles
  3. Go to Germany/France/Western Europe tour
  4. Go to tropical location (Hawaii? Bali? I’m open)
  5. Own a second house, either vacation or rental
  6. Write a book (children or adult)
  7. Perform onstage (again)
  8. Have an art show (a coffeeshop would be fine)
  9. Try absinthe
  10. Kayak with sea mammals of some sort
  11. Go back to New Orleans
  12. New England in the autumn
  13. Snowboard
  14. Make perfect French bread/baguette
  15. Make a trifle
  16. Go ballroom dancing (did this in college a ton; want to do it again as an adult)
  17. Own a cute little scooter for errands around town
  18. Live in Portland/Oregon
  19. Live overseas
  20. Go to Disneyland for Halloween decor
  21. Read 100 books in a year
  22. Go whale-watching
  23. Have a really fantastic lush yard
  24. Try dragonfruit
  25. Have another dog

(Update 2018)

26. Create English-style cottage garden

27. Medicinal/tea herbal garden

28. Foster kittens

29. Go back to Paris

30. Find a meaningful community here in Corvallis (art, spiritual, theater, dance, hiking, whatever)

31. Visit Scotland

32. Visit Costa Rica

33. Visit Baja Mexico to see humpback whales

34. Visit Japan

35. Have chickens

36. Have ducks

37. Go camping with nephews

38. Learn more knitting stitches

39. Bicycle tour in Europe

40. Have a camping vehicle (van or small trailer)


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