a slumber party

Last night one of my very favorite people graced me with her presence for a cookie-baking, movie-watching, sleeping-bag-reading, pancake-making, art-project sleepover!

This lovely young lady is the daughter of one of my oldest and best friends, and in honor of her seventh birthday next weekend, I invited her over for some special time with Auntie Daphne. We had so much fun.

Cookie-baking last night (peanut butter with chocolate-chip “faces” courtesy of Lindsay)

After a bit of movie-watching, it was time for bed. We got in our jammies and piled onto the big bed and got out our books. Coincidentally, we had the very same book! The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Treasury (I had picked this up last week at the library for a quick nostalgic re-read and Lindsay just happened to be reading it as well!)

Up early this morning for hot chocolate, bird-watching and pancakes. Then it was time for art. We made a magazine-butterfly mobile (love the Pippi Longstocking outfit going on here). This was fun and very easy.

This being an “auntie” thing is pretty awesome, I must say.