before and after

I’ve still got Finn while T. continues to look for a place. In the meantime, he needed his teeth cleaned and he desperately needed a haircut. He has the thickest, softest, dense-est coat I’ve ever seen on a cat. When we got him, he was all malnourished and his coat was thin. Then it all came in at once, and before I knew it, his undercoat was completely matted. Even though I groomed him every day, I couldn’t get to the matted undercoat. So, it was time for that Funny or Sad classic: the lion cut.

But first, Finn when we first got him from the shelter:

So little! The tail — so scrawny!

Then came winter, and his coat fully came in. Holy crap:

And finally, this morning:

And now, tonight (still a bit wobbly from the anesthesia from getting his teeth cleaned). I can barely believe it’s the same cat.

Don’t worry, Finn, it will grow back. At least he still has his amazing tail. The little pot belly and the fluffy boots are just killing me. Funny AND sad.