a bright spot

Today I had lunch with a friend. During the lunch, she asked me if I had any plans for myself in the coming months. What was I going to do to take care of myself? Anything I’m looking forward to?

I said something about just hoping things stay relatively stress-free, hoping to do some things with friends but not having any definite plans.

She says, “Well, I have an idea. I was wondering… if you would like to go to Holland with me in the spring and stay at my aunt’s house, who lives just outside of Amsterdam?”

I had to think really long and hard and consider the question for about .03 seconds before I shouted, “YES!”

I even have a valid passport.

I am *so* there. I don’t care if I have to work extra to afford the airfare (who knows what my finances will look like at that point) — I’m going. That sounds so good. And there is a piece of advice a fellow exchange student once told me, which I am going to follow for the rest of my days, “Never turn down a free place to stay overseas.”

This definitely helped my mood.