the holiday plan

One thing that’s good about all this is that I’ve barely registered that its the holidays. I like all the pretty lights and everything, but that’s about all I’ve really absorbed.

I did manage to do all my shopping except for a couple of small things which I will look for in small independent shops downtown. So that’s done, except for the small things, and I will enjoy doing that. The shopping took me about 20 minutes. Excellent.

I usually do some sort of crafty thing each year but my friend and I totally ditched that plan in favor of just seeing a movie and getting lunch (best plan ever). What I’m going to do instead is make a double batch of my favorite gingerbread cookie cutouts and save some for myself and give the rest to people at work and my few local friends that I exchange gifts with. Yep. Cookies. Hey, *I’d * like to get homemade cookies, especially these.

I have two holiday parties to go to this weekend. I would like to attend both, but one of them means about an hour and a half drive and will be filled with people I only sort of know. The other one might be only slightly better — I’d still like to go, but if I don’t, well, that’s okay too. I like the people throwing the parties so I’d like to show up for them, but I’d also like to stay home in my pajamas and do some art. So we’ll see what wins.

I’m going with less-is-more this year. It feels pretty good. I would love a tree but it’s not worth it since I won’t be home. I did get a spruce-pine scented candle. And I put a red bow on the door. There. Holiday decorating done.

No cards, no crafting, no decorating. I’ll attend things (maybe) and show up at my brother’s house for Christmas. And that’s going to be about it. And that feels like a gift to myself.