the way to spend saturday night

Flopped out on the bed with your gigantic belly exposed.

He’s basically a giant snowball made of fur.

Finn was so odd and traumatized when we got him. Now he is acting like a regular, adorable super-fluff kitty. He is quirky, though. He tries to eat my pajamas (while I’m wearing them, thank you very much.) But mostly he likes to flop out on the bed and squeak for pets and loves when I walk by. Sweet kitty.

Today was a good day. I worked really hard cleaning the house and doing random chores. However, instead of following a list like I usually do, I just drifted around doing this and that as the mood seized me. Because of this, the kitchen (including the freezer!) is very, very clean but I completely forgot to do the bathrooms. All in all, a very satisfying way to spend the day. And now I have used up all my energy and am in bed, about to try and finish my book and go to sleep early. We know how to party around here!