trying to be lazy, and, a fabulous red dress (edited)

I had nothing to do today. Nothing on the schedule. No need to do anything. So I tried really hard, but I kind of suck at doing nothing. So, I did this:

  • Stayed in bed until 8:45, which felt supremely indulgent and wonderful. (am I getting old or what?!)
  • Vacuumed. Mostly I wanted to get the nap of the carpet back to where it needed to be after I cleaned it. Also I’ve been cutting mats out of Finn’s hair and he’s been leaving clumps laying around. Poor kitty.
  • Went thrifting and found a pair of brand-new ski pants (I really want to go x-country skiing this year, soon), some new-ish lounging clothes, and a gorgeous Valentine-red ball gown with silver-grey strappy sandals. Wait, what? Why would I buy that? Well, the dress was only $10, it fit me perfectly, and… well, that’s all I’m going to say right now. It’s a beautiful dress and I *might* need to wear it sometime fairly soon. Even if I don’t, who doesn’t need a $10 red ball gown?. (hey, guess what? looks like I inadvertently took part in a larger fabulous-red-dress movement! I love it, and I love my red dress even more now.)
  • Bought some houseplants. Am going to attempt to keep the Boston fern alive. It looks so pretty up on the kitchen cabinet tops… I hope I can keep it alive.
  • Went to Comcast to get basic cable box. I haven’t had regular TV since November and haven’t really missed it, but I kind of miss the news now and and again and basic cable is included with my internet service, so why not, right?
  • Made this amazing soup, one of my favorites. It’s soooo good (and vegan, if you make it with water instead of stock, like I do — it’s just as good.)
  • Had to go back to Comcast because of faulty cable box.
  • Discovered that it’s not the box’s fault at all. Now have appointment for Comcast guy to come on Monday morning. Have I mentioned before how much I hate Comcast?
  • While out, decided that sitting on the couch for the rest of the night and reading a Harry Potter book sounded like an excellent idea. So went to the library, where they have, I swear, 15 copies of each of the Harry Potter books on the shelves. So satisfying. I’ve been listening to the first four books on audio and the narrator is really fantastic, but I just can’t get enough. I’m half-way through the 4th on audio, but since that’s a re-read and I know what happens, I’m skipping ahead to read the paper copy of the 5th. So will be reading two Harry Potter books at once. This is only my second time reading the last four books, so it’s a real pleasure to experience them all over again (have read the first three at least 3-4 times for some reason, but not the rest).
  • Finally settled down, and have been reading Harry Potter, eating soup, and petting the cat for the last hour.

Yeah. So I need to work on that laziness thing. Maybe tomorrow.