hunger games movie

Tonight I went to the Hunger Games movie. This is the second movie I’ve gone to since the breakup. We almost never went to the movies so I’m totally out of the habit. Both of these times I went by myself and really enjoyed it. The first movie was Hugo, which was of course wonderful. I had a glass of wine and popcorn for New Years Eve and it was great. Tonight I went because I figured I needed something to get my mind off this crappy week.

It worked pretty well but I felt icky the whole time. I don’t know why. I thought maybe I’d eaten too much dinner but I don’t think that’s it. I observed a lot of people going in and out of the theater during the movie — I’m wondering if it was the shaky-cam technique and people were having to leave the theater not to throw up? I feel okay now; maybe that was it. I had gotten a little package of coconut M&Ms (have you tried these? they finally came out in individual-size packages and I wanted to try them) but I felt so sick to my stomach that I didn’t even open them. See below post: saver.

Anyway. The movie was pretty good but nowhere near as good as the book. I liked it, but the storyline was so skimpy in the movie. It was barely sketched out, and ended so abruptly. It was entertaining but I would have made different choices had I been the moviemaker. I did like the girl playing Katniss. I don’t get the choices for Peeta and Gale. Loved Woody Harrelson of course. I always love that guy.

So, that was a pretty good way to spend a Friday night. I came home, had some dessert (was feeling better by that time) and am now tucked in bed, Finn sprawled out beside me, getting ready to read and sleep this bad week away.

Taking a lesson from Finn: