full circle

(this isn’t what you’re thinking it’s going to be about)

Last Thursday, I completed a life-cycle circle.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that I have many sides to my personality. There’s the reader. The gardener. The pet-lover. The tender-hearted do-gooder. The artist.

And then, there’s the girl who still kind of loves (occasionally) to rock out. She listens to Metallica while painting those owls. She devours books by Nikki Sixx. I’ve read The Heroin Diaries and The Dirt (by all the Motley Crue band members). While I would never, ever be a groupie, I definitely have a not-so-secret alter-ego who adores all that trashy stuff.

So Thursday, I decided it was time to complete the cycle.
And go see Motley Crue in concert.

Oh, the spectacle of it all.


Ha! I loved it.

They are on tour with KISS, who I am not really a huge fan of — they were a little before my time and I never really loved their music, but I heard that their shows were pretty fantastic, so I stayed for half of it (then left to beat the rush). I have to say…

They were pretty fantastic. Dare I say, even better showmen than Motley Crue? I only knew a couple songs, but they sounded great, and the show was really highly entertaining. Great music, amazing visuals, the costumes (and the BOOTS!) were excellent. They were full of amazing energy. I kind of loved them, too.

I stayed through Gene Simmons’ “The Demon” act, which I figured was the very essence of a KISS show. Blood-spitting complete, I got out of there, totally pleased with my entire experience.

Big thanks to my friend Steve, devout metal-head and the guy who convinced that it would be totally worth my time. He was totally right! He is now recruiting me to convince his wife that she would enjoy a KISS show… I think that might be a hard sell. Although I’d highly recommend it!

Ahhhh. Now my metal-loving 1987-self is finally at peace. I’ve seen the ultimate bad boys of rock (although really, there are so many to choose from), survived, thoroughly enjoyed it, and now if one of them dies from heart failure from years of drug abuse, then I can at least say I saw them when they still put on a pretty good show.

Rock on, Motley Crue and KISS. Rock on.

And now, back to petting the cat, gardening, and reading while sipping my homemade lemon verbena tea.