IMG_1246Although we do get more “weather” here in the far East Bay than, say, closer to the Bay itself, we don’t get snow. Sometimes, a girl just needs snow. So we headed out to Tahoe for a weekend of skiing. The snow wasn’t the best, and it was a bit too warm so everything got icy and slushy at the same time, but it was still very fun. It is wonderful to anticipate many more weekends of skiing in the coming years, as well. I’m not the best skiier but I know enough to get myself in trouble, as the saying goes, and I’d like to make it a regular part of winter life. Sadly it’s still a 3-hour drive away, but I think I can manage a few weekends during the season.

The yard needs attention. I may get my very-sore body out there today and do a little pre-spring weeding, think about what plants I may want to get this year, and think about the garden. We had more rain this year than last, and the bulb flowers are sprouting all over. In a few weeks it’s going to be really lovely out there.

Winter is not my favorite season here in the Bay Area… it is this strange, anticipatory lull in the regular sunny seasons. It never really gets all that cold, and sometimes it rains but not really all that much, and it never snows. It’s just sort of mildly gray, with some frost sometimes, and people complain about how it’s 50 degrees and they’re freezing, and I long for some real weather. By spring, however, I’m very pleased with our early flowers and sunny skies and the early jump on gardening. So I wait it out during winter and enjoy my excuse to wear boots and tights and sweaters, and sometimes, in my shiny new life, I go skiing and get some real weather.