Thomas will be guarding the lemon tree. This week was better. Not amazing, not great, but definitely better. I’ll consider this a trend and continue thinking optimistically.

This weekend will contain:

  • Sleeping in.
  • Chelsea. I’m going to see her for the first time in six months. I will probably cry my eyes out but I miss that doggie, and I need to see her. We’ll go to the park for a few hours.
  • Music. After crying my eyes out over doggie, I will go see a friend’s New Wave cover band at a local sports bar. People, it does not get better than that.
  • Reading. We Need To Talk About Kevin. Preferably in the hammock.
  • Designing my brother-and-his-fiancee’s wedding invitations. Love!
  • Possibly a hike. This incredible video and photography was taken about 15 miles from my house. I would love to see this.
  • Gardening. The potatoes are going crazy. Everything needs some inspection, thinning, etc. And weeding.
  • Library. I have a bunch of books about succulents waiting for me. I am SO EXCITING. I know, please don’t be jealous.
  • Less chores. I’m going to try and either condense or skip most chores again this weekend. Relaxing is good for me, I think.

I’m usually not really into the sun, but it’s going to be lovely high 70s this weekend and it’s having a good effect on my mood. I spent a lot of time in the house this winter, on the couch, sick or sad or worn out. Being in the sun is feeling good. Especially if it’s in the hammock with a book and a pillow. (except I’m not in the sun then, I’m under the plum tree, but you know what I mean. Outside.)

Am working my way through some good recipes in the Moosewood Cookbook. Last week is was Mushroom Curry (super yum, especially the next day). Tonight it’s Solyanka, basically mashed potatoes and cabbage. It’s really kind of good. Trying to cook more. Oh, and I made fresh strawberry ice cream, since my neighbor gave me six pints of strawberries last weekend. What? I had to use them up!